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Fings ain't what they used to be: Changing UKIP

PoliticsatSurrey, Simon Usherwood |

So we now have most of the major manifestos for the General Election. None of them – possibly bar the LibDems –  give me much cause to change my mind about the continuing failure of British politicians to talk about the detail of European integration. UKIP’s effort – released today – is a case in point. On one hand, it’s very […]

That was the debate that wasn't...

PoliticsatSurrey |

A few weeks ago, I complained that the EU wasn’t an issue being debated in the general election. This week, I finally got my way and we started to explore the finer points of British membership and to consider our place in the world more generally. Only kidding: we mainly talked about how much we (dis)like Tony […]

"I wouldn't start from here": The EU's next steps

PoliticsatSurrey, Simon Usherwood |

I’ll spare you the joke that prompted the title of this post, but is a thought that has come to mind often when thinking about a disfunctional organisation that seems to stumble from one problem to another, seemingly without a plan in mind. Much as it might be good for my academic career to have […]

We're in it together: the tangled web of EU politics

PoliticsatSurrey |

One of the recurring themes in talks I give about the EU is the notion of entanglement: the idea that ‘Europe’ is not some distant agency, doing things to us, but rather IS us (at least in part) and that we are caught up in it, whatever we feel about it. A couple of stories […]

A Death in the Family: In memory of John Pinder

PoliticsatSurrey |

I found out about John Pinder’s passing by chance, talking with a colleague about something else. In a way, it was fitting, for my interactions with John have been largely down to chances that I have been very glad I’ve taken. John was my supervisor for my dissertation at the College of Europe back in the mid-1990s, […]

The EU's narrative arc

PoliticsatSurrey, Simon Usherwood |

Narrative arcs seem to be figuring in my life quite a lot at the moment. On the one hand, I’ve just started watching House of Cards and can already see the arc of Frank Underwood’s trajectory being sketched out: the initial pique, the considered revenge, the rise and – I presume – the ultimate hubris. Partly I […]

The endlessly vanishing European issue

PoliticsatSurrey, Simon Usherwood |

There are many paradoxes in British politics, but the one that has most struck me in recent weeks has been the one about Europe. On the one hand, we are repeatedly told that the EU – and Britain’s role therein – is a crucial matter of public interest and public concern, and that it is […]

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